Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the Balm and the Beautiful palette

the Balm has recently released a new limited edition palette with a Muppets theme called "Cast Your Shadow" that is not only limited edition, but also limited number! They only made 1,000 palettes. Luckily, they are also releasing an identical palette with a different theme and therefore different packaging based on soap operas called the Balm and the Beautiful. Supposedly the Balm and the Beautiful is their holiday 2011 palette to be released later this fall. However! It is bizarrely available for more than half the price currently at T.J.Maxx. Craziness! Once I learned this, I immediately went to my nearest T.J.Maxx and grabbed one of the 2 that were left on the shelf and bought it. Original price on the tag is marked $44.50, but the price I paid at T.J. Maxx was a steal at $19.99. Keep reading for swatches and photos!
The palette consists of 16 beautiful shades of eyeshadow in generous sizes plus under that flap on the bottom there are 3 lip colors, 2 of which can be used as cheek colors (the more neutral shade is a lip gloss). 

Here are the lip/cheek colors under the name flap on the bottom. Plus a cute little "TV Guide" with some suggestions for color combinations and looks. Aw.

Closeups of the shadows with their awesome soap opera inspired names. I think my favorite name is "The Guy Who Died But Didn't Really Die".


L-R: The Oil Tycoon, The Estranged Man, The Supermodel, The Bad Boy

L-R: The Southern Belle, The Mother-In-Law, The Guy Who Died But Didn't Really Die, The Mistress

L-R: The Step Brother, The Coma Patient, The Police Man, The Brain Surgeon

L-R: The Neighbor, The Stock Broker, The Basket Case, The Older Woman
L-R: The Drama Queen, The Perfect Man, The Evil Twin
So, they are all really nicely pigmented and blend really well. The only one that isn't as dynamic on the skin as in the pan is probably The Bad Boy because it needs a colored primer or creme base underneath and the gold glitter doesn't show up as well, which is a shame because that glitter makes it look so yummy in the pan! But the rest seem really rich and lovely. The Supermodel is an especially vibrant gold/copper shade that really looks great on brown eyes, and would make blue eyes pop. 

Speaking of vibrant eyes, here are some gratuitous shots of my beautiful buddy (and fellow makeup enthusiast) Alexandria with a gorgeous eye look from her LE Muppets palette (lucky lucky!) using Great Gonzo (or The Policeman). Who knew bright blue could be so classy?



  1. This is a fantastic review...and not just because it features me. But mostly because it features me. :D I keed.

    I want to know if that brown "lipgloss" can also be used as a cheek color as well. It doesn't feel different in texture to the other two cream blushes/lip stains. I know my grandma used to use lipstick as rouge too.

  2. Thanks, lady!
    I just tried the lipgloss on my face and it was actually pretty greasy. It also didn't show up well. On a paler skin tone it might show up better, but in my palette it was considerably more "glossy" in feel than the other two stains.