Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tips & Tricks - Keeping your eyeliner in once place

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything useful. Between baking cookies, decorating, and crafting gifts, the holidays are taking up a lot of my time! :-)
But I figured I should post a little something. So, here is a quick tip that has proven beneficial for keeping eyeliner from running amok throughout the day. On particularly hot days, or if I'm going to be out for a while and I know I won't have a chance to touch up my makeup, I like to use this trick to keep my eyeliner from running down the side of my eyelid or smudging under my eye.

First, when I'm priming my eye for shadow I'll bring a little under my eye where I plan to apply liner. I also bring some around to the outer corner of my eye. After doing all my eye makeup and liner I'll take a small brush and gently apply a dusting of silica powder (which is transparent) around the edges of my eye to seal everything in. This will absorb any excess oils and keep your liner from running or getting caught in your fine lines throughout the day. I get my silica powder from Coastal Scents which is a MUCH cheaper (and more generous) alternative to Make Up For Ever's HD Powder. I've been using the Coastal Scents silica powder for years to combat oil and shine, and I swear by it. ELF also has a similar product but I haven't tried it yet. I bought a huge jar of Coastal Scents powder about 3 years ago, gave half to my mother, and I'm still using the same jar. A little goes a long way. Using a water-proof liner in conjunction with this trick will also yield great results. 

Happy Holidays!!!