Monday, November 14, 2011

$aving$ - Wet n Wild eye shadow palettes and liquid liner

When I was younger, I used to buy Wet n Wild makeup because it was about .99 cents for nearly every item they offered. Never mind that the eyeshadow was powdery, translucent, and cracked out of the container half the time. Never mind that the lipsticks smelled like burning rubber, or the blushes only came in a few shades of unwearable pinks and was cheap, dammit! 
Lucky for me and my wallet, Wet n Wild have drastically stepped up their game in the past few years. The price has gone up just a couple bucks, and it's totally worth it. I'm a big big fan of their new eyeshadows and a new liquid liner. Keep reading for swatches and more info! 

Before I get into the eye shadows, I want to mention the liquid liner pen. It's Wet n Wild's Mega Eyes Defining Marker, and it's awesome. It's liquid liner, but it's in a marker tip, so it's really easy to control. The tip is stiff and holds up to create a nice clean line. 
You can see on my hand there that it's a good solid black with a crisp line. It's perfect for a winged liner look, which is in this fall and winter. That's exactly what I use it for and it holds up so so well. I wore this liner to an all-day outdoor party last month and didn't get home until probably 1am and it was STILL intact - wing and all. Impressive. I purchased it at Ulta for about $5, I believe. I've read a few reviews online where someone complained about the marker drying out quickly, but I've had this one since early September and it's still juicy.

On to the shadows! For the most part they are all nicely pigmented and blend easily. With a primer they last all day. The only con I would say is that some of the colors can have a lot of fallout dust, so I recommend doing your eyes first and then your foundation. Each palette cost about $5 at Walgreens.

The first palette I got is "Comfort Zone". Aptly named b/c it's all neutrals that are easy to wear and are office appropriate. All of the colors have a shimmer to them, though. I do wish the palest shade was a matte since I generally don't like putting shimmer on my browbone. But I tend to use the browbone shade from this palette on my lid anyway. 

Here are some swatches (on my arm from L-R is the same as Down to Up on the palette):

Here is a closeup of the most interesting shade (lower right in the palette) which is a shimmery red/brown tone with a blue/green sheen to it. Really gorgeous.

Here is the second palette that I got called "Petal Pusher". It's all shades of purples and pinks, which I tend to wear the most after neutrals. This one has 3 satin colors and the rest are shimmery.


The second black from the left on the bottom row has some purple sparkle in it, but you have to make sure to "pat" it on thickly rather than "swipe" it on your eye or the purple won't come through.

The last palette I purchased is called "Blue Had Me At Hello". All of the colors in this one are shimmery with the exception of the deep black on the lower left. But even that has a few bits of gitter in it. They won't show up much on your skin, though.


Here are a couple of stand-out shades from this palette that I think are gorgeous:

Shimmery Navy

Royal Blue and a vibrant Aqua

In addition to those 3 palettes, I also purchased 2 trios. Both are in the pink/brown family. Again, neutrals I can wear anytime. Each trio cost me about $3.

Here are "Silent Treatment" and "Knock on Wood" respectively, plus swatches:

I use these trios quite often, actually. They're easily interchangeable, too. 

Wet n Wild are quickly becoming an excellent choice in bold, hard-wearing eye makeup I think. I'll be coming back when they release a new collection. They had a limited edition collection over the summer called Dream Weavers, but no matter where I shopped in my area nobody carried them. Frustrating!

I hope this was useful! 



  1. Very nice review, Alpha! The colors are very pretty! I don't have any Wet & Wild makeup except eyeliners. I really like the Kohl type.

  2. There are new LE ones only Walgreens. BAKED ones. They are awesome.

  3. Moonflower, I'm glad their pencil liners work out for you!